The family hosting you


Ettore e Mara, after living in Milan for 35 years, have fulfilled their dream and now live in an authentic country house with their daughter Agnese.

Ettore takes care with passion and devotion of their two-hectar vineyard, the vegetable garden, the flower garden, the fruit orchard and the farm animals.

Mara, a physical therapist and Feldenkrais trainer, works partly in Milan and partly in Vignale, where she runs public workshhops and post-trainings for Feldenkrais practitioners in the comfortable hall with wooden floor, timber-beams, large windows overlooking the surrounding hillside and a fireplace.

She loves cooking and is interested in many aspects of transforming the produces picked in the vegetable garden and fruit orchard of their farm.

Ettore and Mara are glad to guide you discreetly to discover the charm of this area, its hills and produces.

Centro Feldenkrais Movimento

  • primavera-a-vignale-01

    Primavera a Ca' Poggio

  • primavera-a-vignale-02

    Primavera a Ca' Poggio

  • primavera-a-vignale-03

    Primavera a Ca' Poggio

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    Primavera a Ca' Poggio

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    Primavera a Ca' Poggio