Vignale... Vinealis... a land of wine, weaponry and nobility


The name Vinealis appears in a 1164 document signed by Frederick I Barbarossa, but the small village, which lies in the heart of Monferrato, was well-known in the Roman period. The archeological finds in the church at Molignano village prove it.

Our gently rolling hills do not feature striking beauties, but create a serene and peaceful milieu.
Off course, appreciating a place more or less intensely depends on the personality and interests of the individual person: the image of a forest is differently perceived by an architect, a forest ranger, a naturalist; yet beauty speaks a universal language and anyone standin in front of a harmonious place feels drawn by it.
These lands aspire to be acknowledged as a Unesco World Heritage site.
Vignale hosts a renowned International Dance Festival.


The landscape of Monferrato, a land of vineyards and castles, stirs up strong feelings in the people who visit it for the first time: it is a large area that, from the right bank of river Po, stretches into the Appenines toward Liguria sea, gently blends with Turin, Alessandria and Asti's plains and expands over the hills of Langa and Roero.

Monferrato is dotted with hilltop medieval villages and towns that are often rich of monuments and churches of great historical and artistic value, has typical food-and-wine specialities that have made the area become known and appreciated internationally.

A tangible experience of "bella vita"

The fresh local farm produces, the delicious local wines, the rivers and streams, the rolling hills with vineyards and small medieval villages with castles and churches, spared by the packaged tourism, offer to the visitors a genuine and relaxing Italian lifestyle, a tangible experience of "bella vita".
The prestigious Lonely Planet guidebook defines our area as a "Tuscany without tourists", a still pristine environment.
The Monferrato hills, with vineyards and castles, is still an active charming landscape: Not fossilized tourist resorts, but places where local people work and enjoy their leisure time.